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Harry Billington b. 1898,. Was the son of John Thos Billington b. 1862 Radcliffe, and  wife Catherine Nee Watson b. 1862 Bathgate,Scotland. (shown in first picture)who married St Peters Ch. Newbold in Rochdale ion 24th December,1884.  Harry in second picture with wife Isabella Riley and their children Catherine Billington b. 1922 and Derek b. 1929.  Harry married an Isabella Riley in 1922 at the Blackburn Registry Office

Catherine and Albert Catherine & son Lee Godden.Lee's brother Terry with wife Brenda and Marjory Billington sitting in the centre, the wife of Derek Billington(Deceased) who was the brother of Catherine Billington and son of Harry Billington and Isabella.

Catherine is still alive today aged 88yrs!  Shown here with her 3rd husband Albert Yatrosky  whom she married in 1973. In the 2nd picture shows Catherine with  her son Lee Godden  from Catherine's first marriage to a Thos William Godden,in 1943 at St Phillips in Witton,Blackburn. Lee has an older brother Terence Wm. Godden shown here




This is Ann Vachre nee Billington b. 1898 Withnell with her husband Edgar Vachre. Ann was daughter of David Billington and Dinah Nee Heaton of Blackburn.  Ann is also the twin of Susannah Billington




Picture Below, kindly submitted by Cliff  Billington is that of Thomas Billington b.1816 in Bryning lower left with wife Margaret Nee Proctor on his right both at front with their children from back left:Sarah Ann b, 1858, Thos Henry b. 1862 and  Robert Newton Billington b.1864


Isabella Parker Born 21st March 1879, Barton, Lancs., shown below,  daughter of Richard Parker and Elizabeth Nee Billington b. 1845 of Woodplumpton, Elizabeth Billington was the daughter of Alexander Billington and Mary Ashton

Isabella Parker



Alexander Billington b. 28th February,1858, Oakensclough,Garstang married Martha Nee Cross in 1882 in Accrington.

Alex was the son of William Billington and Grace Nee Winder, who married 5th May 1845,St Marys Lancaster.

.Alex and Martha's daughter Maggie with daughter Elsie Owen

Alexander                        Martha Nee Cross



On left...William Billington,Bap 19th August,1829, Died 22nd August,1892 with wife on right Mary Nee Nickson and their son James..

Below is son James and his family:

 James Married Mary Ann Maher on 6th May 1893 at the Wesley Methodist Chapel, North Rd,Preston.

      James Billington ....      Photon on right of James is of James and wife Mary with their children girls Mary and Grace in centre with sons John and William and dog Floss with son Frank above his father.                             

Grace Billington b. 1849, the sister of James who married a Richard Robinson in 1871 at the Wesley Chapel in Preston,Grace and Richard went on to have six Robinson children, John Thos,Violet,William Ashton, Mary,Isaac, and James                               



On left is Grace Billington the daughter of James Billington above and wife Mary Ann Nee Maher,, Michael Furlong in 1933 in Kirkham. Grace is 2nd from the left standing next to Michael on her right. Photo on right is John Billington b. 1895 the son of James and Mary Nee Maher with his family, wife Margaret Nee Boyle and their children


KIRKHAM BILLINGTONSBelow is Elizabeth Billington Born abt 1840 Kirkham, Daughter of Edward Billington b. 1804 of Bryning and Mary Nee Waterworth, Elizabeth Married a William Preston on 15th August, 1858 at Preston St John.

Elizabeth Billington




William Billington b.1834 Thurnham, was the fifth son of Charles Billington b. 1791 and wife  Ann Clarkson



Albert Victor b. 1890 Lancaster - Died: 1819 (Killed.. WW1) (M) Susannah Ellen Pinington 1912, Lancaster..Children: (1) Margaret Elsie b. 1912 (M) Eric Huntington in 1935, Lancaster, (2) William Edwin Born & Deceased 1912....... (3) Alexandra Ellen (AKA: Nellie)(M) William Wareing  ,,Daughter Denise Wareing b. 1943 (M) Stuart Desay





WILLIAM ROBERTS BILLINGTON; Born 1853, Liverpool, Son of Henry Billington a Joiner and Ellen Nee Roberts.  Shown here with second wife Catherine Lingard and son Harold Lingard Billington.

William Roberts Billington & Catherine Nee Lingard

Harold Lingard Billington



Edward Billington b.9th August,1873..............Son James b. 1919Daughter May b. 1922

(M) Mary Jane Fullalove11th February,1902,St Marys,Newhouse.

Edward was a carter, ploughman, horseman, drove an animal feed cart for John A. Leys and delivered to the farms. He had a stable at Ellen Street. He worked for A.C.Farnworth's Coal Merchants and he delivered the coal to the mills.Edward was the son of Edward b.6th August,1828 Woodplumpton,  and Mary Margaret Nee Catterall  married 7th March 1859 at St Marys,Newhouse. Edward the father took over the tenancy of the 65.5 acre Hen Foot Farm, White Horse Lane, Myerscough, Barton, Lancashire from his father John. The farm was owned by the Duchy of Lancashire. Records of the tenancy are still to be checked at the Duchy office in Forton.

Ratcliffe Farm, previously Hen Foot Farm belonging to the Crown, was tenanted by the Billington family from the late 1700's, and remained in the family until 1966, when the late Mr Edward Billington retired. In 1866-1867 there was a cattle plague known as "rinderpest". Perhaps it was what would be called "foot and mouth disease" today. Mr Edward Billington (grandfather of the last mentioned) was appointed cattle examiner. For this he was suitable rewarded, and the presentation was made in the White Horse Inn in 1867.

On 15.9.1888 a yearly lease of Ratcliffe Farm (plan attached) was granted by the Duchy of Lancaster to Mrs Mary Billington (see transcript below).

12.4.1899 - Mary Billington died intestate and Letters of Administration to her estate were granted by the Duchy of Lancaster to one Cuthbert Billington .

Mrs M. Hesketh (nee Billington) was born in 1896 and lived till 1900 with her parents, brothers and sisters at 3, Bridge Cottage, when she moved to Ratcliffe Farm with her parents, brothers & sisters. Her brother was Edward Billlington, the last of the Billingtons to tenant the farm. The land from this farm has since been divided and put to Higher & Lower Park Heads and the house let to Mr & Mrs Worden.

Edward (1828) had parents John and Agnes Nee Blacow who married 8th November,1817 at St Anne;s in Woodplumpton.


James Joseph Billington Born 3rd December, 1858, Preston, Son of John Billington and Jane Nee Richardson of Preston

James Joseph  Billington b. 1858 Preston,   married a Mary Coulter in Farnworth, Bolton in 1881

.This is Mary Ellen Billington (04.04.1893 – 16.12.1973)AKA: Nellie, 2nd Daughter of James Joseph Billington & Mary Nee Coulter.

Ellen was known to have been ill as a child, spending considerable time on crutches.  She married Len Southworth (09.06.1892 – 29.05.1935).  Len died of cancer at the age of 42 (29.05.1935).  In later years Mary Ellen was not well (Glaucoma, throat cancer and dropsy) and spent the last years of her life in a wheelchair.  She had one child as follows:Sylvia Southworth (11.02.1920 -Mary Ellens sister was   .......Beattie Billington (18.12.1899 – 1960) Beattie married (1935) Jim Evers a policeman when they met who later went into the furniture removal business.  They met whilst Beattie was living with the Southworth’s at the shop that they ran.  Beattie was Jim’s second wife.  Jim had one child from his first marriage – Roy Evers, who emigrated to Australia.  Beattie and Roy had one child of their own as follows..........Malcolm Evers.  Malcolm married but did not have children. After Beattie’s death Jim Evers married for a third time (Mabel) and moved to Littleborough


JOSEPH BILLINGTON B. 1852 SOUTHPORT AND WIFE ELIZABETH NEE NICHOLSON (M) 12th September 1875,St Aloysius Ch, St Pancras, London.


The parents of Joseph shown at left, were George Billington (shown below)b. abt 1824 Preston, and wife Dorothy Nee Fox b. 1828 Blackpool (Dorothy shown in picture seated with her son Joseph and his wife Elizabeth).

George and Dorothy by 1871 had moved to Clarendon Gr. Middlesex, London. Joseph and Elizabeth are found living in Clarendon Grove in the 1881 Census with daughters Mary aged 4yrs and Alice Ann 5 months both born St Pancras. 

George Billington,(Plasterer) the father of the Joseph above B. 1824 Preston,  George was son of Joseph Billington and Tabatha Nee Gornall who married in Preston St John 1818.



Marriage of Edward Billington Born 1829 Woodplumpton-Died 1885

Married:   Mary Margaret Catterall- Born 1832


Edward & Mary above with their daughter Margaret Below Born 24th December, 1861

Margaret Billington

                                                                                                            NEW ROW CEMETRY

 It is hard when you live on the other side of the world to your ancestors trying to research,.

Equally as hard when I received a picture, (allbeit a fuzzy one)

 of the New Row Cemetry where my Gt. Grandparents John and wife Catherine are buried. 

It is heartbreaking to see this cemetry in such tatters! 

 I know my Gt Grandparents had a large headstone, if anyone finds it, please contact me. NEW ROW CEMETRY